RIVALS 4.2 Patch Notes

RIVALS 4.2 - Flavored and balanced for serious esports competition!

RIVALS 4.2 - we brought the hot sauce!

This version is all about adding more flavor and refinement to the features brought to you in the previous two versions. Thanks to feedback from the community, we were also able to balance key areas of the match system. Read on to get all the details!


Your tools just got more powerful! Enjoy even more immediate and meaningful feedback on roster changes and training your team before a match!

Champion Power is a representation of the bonuses from Level-Ups, Items, Buffs etc... that a player will acquire during a match. It resets at the beginning of every match. It could be seen in the Match-Result screen already, but we brought it to the forefront to make it easier for you to understand combat results and make play decisions without having to compute a lot of stats together.



Looking Good!

The UI team didn’t stop there! The following screens were given some extra love to bring it up to date with the new look and feel of the game:

  • Team-Emblems
  • Slots in your corporation Headquarters
  • Match Header
  • Win/Lose Overlays
  • Next Phase Overlays
  • Match Result screen

In addition we updated the Match-Result screen to break down Aspect and Initiative values of plays in more detail, so you can better understand the match mechanics if you want to dive deeper.

Play as a Team!

Team Play Bonus is now saved per player, meaning each player can have a different value. When you buy a new player, it starts at 0 Team Play Bonus. In addition, if you swap out a player with over 80 Team Play Bonus to your reserves, it will be reduced to 80 Team Play Bonus. In exchange, each player will only lose 15 % of its current Team Play Bonus per day, meaning it will now take 2 weeks instead of 5 days until they are back to 0.

We also updated Scrim Match rewards to increase the Team Play Bonus of participating players depending on their current value. The less they have, the more they gain per match, so that you need a maximum of 5 Scrim matches to bring a player back to maximum.

We made this changes for the following reasons:

  • Team Play bonus was too punishing in its old iteration, especially for players who came back after a longer time away from Rivals.
  • We wanted to make it less attractive to swap players in the last seconds before a match.
  • We wanted to make the mechanic more authentic to the real Esports world.



  • Fixed a bug in Early Game “Farm” and “Freeze” plays not involving a tower, which gave an too strong advantage to the attacking team.
  • Adjusted initiative Settings of the “Lurk” play to work better in the Late Game flow.
  • See Discord for an additional larger balancing patch we released before Christmas.

Match UI:

  • Fixed a bug which did not show the used aspect values correctly in the Match-Result screen.
  • Fixed a visual bug which made plays with the same initiative switch positions in the game plan during a match.
  • Fixed a bug which showed the wrong Initiative number for the currently active play in the game plan during a match.
  • Fixed a bug which made the Initiative Penalty during play selection not show correctly.
  • Fixed some additional plays to show correct movement on the minimap.


  • We made a change to LWC starting times but we need to monitor it for possible issues. Please keep reporting issues on Discord to help us improve the balancing further if needed.
  • Fixed a payment bug affecting players from south east Asia.

We look forward to hearing your response and are excited to bring this new version to the world. Last but not least, have fun – that’s why RIVALS was created to begin with.

We have many more exciting features planned, so stay tuned to our Discord server to get the inside scoop!

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